Overall Ratings ( 3 )

" Awsome Experience at 2179 Inverness "

Property is well maintained and we had our best weekend at South LAke Tahoe. There was enough space for 6 families and it was a great house to stay for weekend.

- Deepak Mohan on 11/02/2016

" Great house. "

We had a problem with running toilets (it seemed like they all ran and were in need of new stoppers). We also had a problem cleaning up the place because the one vacuume cleaner had a broken belt which made it harder to clean the rugs. Other than that is was a really great place! It was not cheap but it is a really nice house. There were enough accomodations for us to have a dinner 20 adults and children, and sleep 3 families. In the winter, the fireplace would have been absolutely wonderful. As it was, the dech and the barbecue were great.

- Anonymous on 07/07/2010

" Inverness "

I had rented the zapotec home, but upon arrival I found out I could not use the pool, the manager on hand quickly fixed this problem. She rented us the house on invernes, which was great, for the three family's. Everone was well please with this house, had everything we needed, and the facilities, were great.I would rent from Tahoe Keys resort again, very friendly staff, and very nice home.

- Anonymous on 10/08/2009