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Lake Tahoe Local’s Tip – The Potholes and Lake Winnemucca

 A well kept secret until it was published in a visitor’s guide book is one of those attractions that you really should not miss.  When I first moved to Tahoe I was informed  about this special place and told that I could only share it with one person.  Since its publication in the guide book, I feel a little more at ease about letting others know as I do consider it one of the most special hikes in the Basin.  Located near Silver Lake and Carson Pass, the area is called the “Potholes” .  It is a series of natural granite pools formed by the cascading river. The pools warm during the summer and make for a fantastic natural pool experience. The area is located just outside the Silver Lake West Campground and can easily be accessed from there or from Highway 88 as it passes nearby. The hike is an easy twenty minutes from the road with very little elevation change. So very worth a visit!

I personally like to combine this visit with a morning hike to Lake Winnemucca, just at the crest of the Carson Pass.  This steady climb is breathtakingly beautiful, especially during summer when waist deep wildflowers enhance the trail.  Most summers you will be able to access a snow covered mountain just beyond the lake which provides some very cool photos to share – playing in the snow wearing shorts in the middle of July or August!  Bring a picnic to either location.  But also be sure to take out what you bring in.  These areas are pristine and we certainly want to keep them that way!

Lake Tahoe - The Potholes

The Potholes – Lake Tahoe