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Lake Tahoe Fishing

Lake Tahoe Fishing

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Lake Tahoe's popular Alpine waters provide an angling haven for both beginners and experienced freshwater anglers who travel to Lake Tahoe from around the world.

And within a 75-mile radius of Lake Tahoe there are more than 450 lakes, reservoirs, rivers and streams -- each with their own fishing profile! Many of the lakes in the high country are stocked regularly by various public agencies. Interestingly, fishing pressure is low at these lakes so the odds are high for catching some really big fish.

The fish that inhabit the waters of Lake Tahoe and its surrounding lakes and streams are feisty and strong and excellent opponents for freshwater anglers. This year-round fishery offers an incredible variety of fish species. There are at least eight varieties of trout: mackinaws (lake trout), rainbows, German brown trout, golden trout, cutthroat trout, brook trout, paiute trout and camloop trout. Add in prized kokanee salmon, smallmouth and largemouth bass, catfish, perch, mountain whitefish and other species.

Virtually every technique known is employed in the quest for these fish. If you are fishing an area for the first time, you'll have greater success by hiring a guide who is familiar with the area and proficient with the angling methods required.

Whatever your choice, fly fishing or sportfishing, you will probably want to do some research about guides and charter services before you arrive in Lake Tahoe. We've provided some experienced and reputable companies for you to contact. These trained, licensed and insured guides are knowledgeable and helpful. Each of the companies offers its own complement of services. We've also included books authored by local expert anglers! Select fly fishing or sportfishing on the menu on this page.

Keep in mind that fishing regulations and license fees vary between California and Nevada. It's best to decide where you will be fishing and then determine if the license jurisdiction is California, Nevada, California/Nevada, a specific season or year-round, one rod or two rods, size requirements and limits . . .
or you can just ask your guide!

Be sure and visit the Boat Ramps page in this section for lots of interesting facts about Lake Tahoe.

When you visit Lake Tahoe you'll have a reel good time fishin', catchin' and grinnin' for the photo of the big one that didn't get away!


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